The concept of talent training

1. Respect talents, give full play to their talents, and make full use of their talents. two。. Realize personal value in creating enterprise value, and promote interpersonal relationship with service mentality. 3. Comprehensive training, perform

Corporate welfare

  • Accommodation and lodging

    Company provides accommodation room equipped with air conditioning,Supply hot water all day

  • Remuneration benefits

    According to Labor Law pay salary, and purchase for each employee. Buy five risks and one gold

  • Promotion system

    More than 85% managerial cadres and technical posts within company Promotion from within

  • Training and learning

    Companies regularly organize professional skills training, expansion training, Outside training and opportunities for traditional cultural learning

  • Recreational activities

    Regularly conduct employee collective activities such as team building New year Party, year draw gathering etc

  • Reward

    Companies have such as "quarterly excellent employee awards" and "year-end performance Benefits like "benefits".

Recruitment information