Capacity advantage

The company has a total registered capital of 5 million, with 160T, 300T, 315,500T, 600T, 800T, 1600T small punches, and 8 gantry machining centers, more than 30 sets of auxiliary design. Can be from mold design to mold manufacturing, debugging, the com

Team introduction

1. The general manager has been engaged in design work for nearly 30 years; 2. Technical vice general engaged in metal mold fitter, process analysis for nearly 30 years; 3. Technical fitter backbone engaged in hardware mold fitter for 15 years, prof

Quality assurance

1. In order to ensure the requirements of quality, our inspection tools are tested in three coordinates in addition to the intuitive inspection method, and pass the third-party test.
2. Full-size inspection will be carried out before the mold insert